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Innovative Development

With four differentiating pillars, Volt’s innovative approach to development positions us for commercialization.

Proprietary Extraction

Stage 1 = Removes 99% of contaminants from lithium infused brine.
Stage 2 = Proven DLE process extracts up to 90% of lithium from brine.
Results in reduced capital costs

Lithium Production Agreement

Agreement with oil producer, Cabot Energy.
Cabot produces lithium infused brine today – no exploration needed.
Management’s O&G background is key to project development.

Quality Lithium Reservoir

Reservoir with 99B barrels of lithium infused brine.
Highest lithium concentration tests in the basin = 121 mg/L.
Veritable ‘ocean’ of brine provides long-term production.

Regulatory Advantages

No greenfield project approvals needed, a critical competitive advantage.
Existing infrastructure and operations streamline Volt’s process.

Proprietary Technology

Volt’s proprietary Direct Lithium Extraction (“DLE”) technology is focused on allowing the highest lithium recoveries with lowest costs.

The extraction process has two unique steps, building seamlessly into existing oil and gas production infrastructure.

Step 1.


Proven system that eliminates up to 99% of contaminants from oilfield brines.

Step 2.

Proprietary DLE Technology

Proprietary IES-300 technology achieved up to 90% lithium recoveries from oilfield brine.

Seamless Integration

Rainbow Lake Pilot

Volt’s world class lithium land base is located in the Rainbow Lake area in Alberta, Canada.

The area features significant existing production infrastructure and wells, providing considerable opportunity for the application of Volt’s lithium extraction technology. Volt’s land position at Rainbow Lake equals ~430,000 acres and features >1,300 producing wells from which to source brine, creating a strong foundation to continue developing assets with the goal of increasing the resource estimate and further expanding high lithium concentrations.


The completion of Volt’s Initial Resource Report in May 2023 opens up potential to pursue the acquisition of other oilfield brines and set the stage to secure additional partnerships.

Initial Resource Report Highlights:

Inferred Mineral


Tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE)


Tested in Muskeg Aquifer
Inferred Mineral


Volt's est. sustained prod'n of 20,000 tpa
High Output


Barrels of Li Infused Brine

Volt intends to ‘highgrade’ the asset base, initially targeting regions with concentrations
between 101 and 121 mg/L to optimize returns & cash flow

Strategic Facilities & Infrastructure

Volt is uniquely able to access existing infrastructure due to agreements with Cabot Energy Inc., which reduces the CAPEX required to access water volumes for a commercial lithium operation.

  • $100MM invested to date in facilities, wells and pipelines.
  • 3 multi-well batteries with significant water-handling capacity from existing producing oil wells.
  • Rail road access for transportation upon commercialization.

Tested at some of the highest lithium concentrations in the basin at up to 121 mg/L.

Technical Report

View Now –  Dated May 2023 and prepared in accordance with National Instrument 43-101 – Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects (“NI 43-101”)

Qualified Person: Various scientific and technical information shown here has been prepared by Volt’s multi-disciplinary team of Meghan Klein, P.Eng and Doug Ashton, P. Eng of Sproule Associates Limited (“Sproule”), a global leader in subsurface fluid resource evaluations with over seventy years of experience. Dmitry Deryushkin. P. Geo., M.Eng and Jesse Williams-Kovacs, P.Eng. of Subsurface Dynamics Inc. had responsibility for the preparation and completion of the geological portions of reporting, including geomodelling.  Each of the above persons meet the qualifications for a Qualified Person (QP) within the meaning of NI 43-101.